Main Executives

In this section you can find the organizational distribution of our main executives.


Godwin Tang Yung

General Manager

Francisco Herrera Hernández

Deputy General Manager

Dannel Huang Espinoza

Finance Manager

Yu Chieh Wang Wang

General Manager

German Haug Sevilla

Internal Auditor


  • Head of Human Resources: Cindy Ramirez
  • Head of International Business: Miguel Monge Cruz
  • Head of Business: Freddy Mayorga
  • Head of Branch Banking: Wendy Ramos
  • Head of TI department: Herman Jiménez
  • Chief Accountant: Sionny Chacón
  • Head of Credit Operations: Jorge Quirós
  • Head of Risk: Silvia Vong
  • Head of Projects Management: Horacio NG
  • Compliance Officer: Jéssica Ramírez

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